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Spice Up Your Laundry Room!

Tue, Sep 17, 2019 at 12:10PM

Knock Your Socks Off With These Laundry Room Upgrade Ideas

Let’s face it...doing laundry can be a drag. The collecting and sorting of clothes, the pre-treating of stains, carrying baskets to an out-of-date laundry room, and the struggle to fold clothes can make laundry a less-desirable chore than it already is. 


While Top Drawer can’t physically do your laundry for you, we can offer are some makeover ideas to make laundry seem like less of a chore.



Paint can make or break any room in your home, and that includes the laundry room. Of all the upgrades, paint is the simplest and least expensive. Choose a color scheme that uplifts your mood and brightens the room, such as vibrant lime green or crisp white. Then pick or paint your cabinets in the color of your choice.


Counter space

Countertops are essential in a laundry room - where else will you place your laundry basket and fold laundry. Add a custom counter over your washer and/or dryer for a unique look. Better yet: if the room is large enough, add a custom-built island. 



Enhance your laundry room with custom cabinets. Whether your style is modern country or industrial, there are plenty of customized options available. For an added touch, install a bar as your drawer pull; this stylish yet versatile look can double as a towel or hanger rack. 


Creative installation

If your laundry room is in a small space or closer, stack your washer and dryer vertically to increase space and function. Another option is to raise your appliances off the floor. Not only will this eliminate the need to bend over to load and unload laundry, but it also provides extra storage space. 



Whether you fancy cubicles or shelves with baskets, both serve as laundry room hidden storage options and provide a decorative flair. Need a place for your ironing board? Try a  wall or cabinet mounted drop-down one to hide clutter, plus it will double as storage for the ironing board. A drip-bar or wall-mounted drying rack is good for air-drying delicates and can serve as visual interest when not in use. 


Take a look at your laundry area and bring us your ideas. The experts at Top Drawer can then help you re-imagine your laundry room and transform it into an organized and welcoming space. Our storage systems, design concepts, and installation processes are all unique to your wants and specifications. Make this the best remodel yet by calling us at 386-761-8775 today!




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