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Pantry Design, Trends, and Storage

Wed, Apr 24, 2019 at 9:10AM

Pantry Design, Trends, and Storage



Now that you have your spring cleaning underway (don’t feel guilty if you haven’t started!) you’ve probably noticed the need for more home organization ideas - linen closets, bedroom closets and kitchen areas can all benefit. Coincidentally, one of the hottest 2019 kitchen trends, is organization. This trend primarily focuses on making things look better, but like all good design (think Bauhaus), it is also about efficiency and easing the performance of everyday tasks. 

Kitchens and their accompanying nooks and spaces can benefit from a remodel or reorganization, amping up their personal value to you as well as their physical value on the market. According to, a large pantry puts a 14% premium on the price of a kitchen.*

If your kitchen’s pantry design was not crafted with the ample and updated storage and shelving you require, not to fret! There are some great retrofit options available from sliding pull-out shelves, lazy susans (rotating round trays), drawer organizers and built-in racks for ever-impossible spice containers and wines! Check out your favorite home improvement website for retrofit products like these.

Start from Scratch

Before improving your pantry’s organization, the best starting tactic is to completely gut its interior, removing everything - containers, food, beverages, and miscellaneous items. This important first step can be applied to any space in your home, aiding in the reorganization of clothes storage, linen storage, sock drawers, and more. Once you’ve removed everything from the pantry, place all of the items into large categories. This will help when searching for recipe ingredients, snacks, or meal prep items in the future.  

Practical Containers

What differentiates a truly organized pantry from old and messy cabinets? The replacement of worn boxes and bags with glass or acrylic matching containers. These items are all about consistency and practicality. 

Clear containers: perfect for keeping powders (flour, sugar, etc.), cereals, snacks, pasta, and grains airtight and fresh. Dust off your label maker and label each container for easy hunting.

Lazy Susans: these turntables are great for your spices. Despite the overabundance that we all seem to have, everything will find its place. A solid strategy is to stack the tall bottles in the middle and place shorter, smaller bottles on top of one another around the outside. An easy spin to search for the right spice is both fun and satisfying!

Wire baskets: this option is fantastic for all of your dry snacks - chips, crackers, popcorn, granola bars - as well as condiments, spice packets, straws, and other miscellaneous items.

Whether your goal is to reorganize or completely redesign your pantry space, trends show that this area can have tremendous value to your home and its inhabitants. With help from the experts at Top Drawer, you'll be able to have a pantry that is not only functional, but beautiful, too! Our storage systems, color choices, and door options will help make it unique to your home and situation. For more information about pantry design, call us at 386-761-8775 or visit us on Facebook.

Pantry Design, Trends, and Storage

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