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Garage Storage

Sat, Jan 05, 2019 at 12:50PM

Garage Storage

Garage Storage Solutions


Does your garage serve as a dumping ground for seasonal items, sports equipment, tools, and more? This may seem like a practical place to store items that don’t have a place to live inside your home; however, between the ladders, bikes, and lawn mowers, there’s hardly any space left for your vehicles! According to the professionals at Garage Living, 47% of surveyed homeowners said that they had issues with garage parking due to excess clutter. On top of that, 50% said that their garage was the most disorganized area of the home. With a few smart tips, you can create a more functional space that includes extra square footage and the ability to find what you need easily and safely.

Innovate the Interior

Effective storage and organization systems are key pieces in both the interior and exterior areas of your home. Though shelving is a popular choice, garage cabinetry or alternate storage solutions can provide a more refined and organized look and feel. Compared to overhead shelving units, different closets and cabinet types are safer alternatives for homeowners to install, especially those with children or pets. They reduce the risk of items slipping or falling, and when not in use, they can be hidden away. In doing so, the garage appears tidier overall. Pegboards with hooks can offer a unique solution for displaying and storing smaller tools and hardware, and using sturdy plastic bins with lids provide versatile and easily accessible storage.

Free Up Floor Space

Installing cabinets in your garage will help to free up room in general, but what if you specifically require more floor space?  For bikes and other hangable objects, screw-in hooks for rafters or ceiling beams will help make use of the overhead storage space. When hanging objects, be sure to check that they are installed properly and do not exceed weight limit recommendations. These are ideal for those that like to work on projects, store classic cars, or entertain friends and family in the garage area. Different layouts and designs are available for hanging cabinets, workbenches, or racks, and a variety of color and door options can be chosen to customize the space to your liking. Garage lifts are available for larger and heavier items, though they will come with a heftier price tag.

Clear the Clutter

Whether you struggle to let go of certain belongings or seem to have an excess of the same items, take the time to go through your garage space and deem what can stay and what can go. Though a daunting task, working together with family or friends to rid unneeded items can help you save money. For those who do not work to control the contents of their garage space, many will pay to rent storage units for their things. This industry generates $25 billion annually, and those who ignore or adapt to clutter further contribute to it. Organization can help prevent you from buying multiples of the same item or a newer version if the original was damaged due to improper storage. Throughout the process, you may find items that you no longer need but can donate to local groups or sell at a garage sale. All things considered, investing time into organizing this space can actually reap benefits and profits for you.

Garage storage is as vital a component to your home as any other closet or organization area. If looking to utilize your garage space to its full potential, Top Drawer is here to help. All custom storage closets are made to your specifications from high-quality materials. Each is guaranteed to last a lifetime, complemented by a more efficient use of space and aesthetic appeal. Let us show you why we've won the “Best Closet Design Store” and “Best Around Award” for the past 14 years! For more information about our rates, services, and free consultation opportunities, call us at 386-761-8775 or visit us on Facebook.



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